Our Pig Sty - Stylish Blogger?

Thanks so much for Shotdownmind for nominating our blog! He runs a top notch blog here, and the nomination coming from him means a lot to us! We frequent his blog and so should you! It's great!

Share seven things about yourself:

-Our blog was formed for two purposes a couple of years back. 1st to give a rallying point for hobbyists in our area, hopefully strengthening and uniting our community. The other was to help our group keep up interest!

- Our blog now has a dozen contributors, though we only started with 3! We are also very proud of the club and forum, now with 200 users. That's a long way from when we opened the local forum two years ago.

- We are centered in northwest Arkansas - though we have some awesome members all over the state. We are huge razorback fans. Hence the name.

- Most of our number don't believe in comp. We are a competitive group and prefer for people to bring the big stick.

- Monkey and myself have been playing 40k for over 17 years. We feel like Fifth is the best edition out of all!

- We are all meat eaters! While other groups go drinking after a GT or Con, we go find the best barbecue place nearby, or try to find a Man vs Food locale to have big D test his mettle against. It's a ritual! We still drink, but it's secondary!

- GTs and cons are fun because of the friends and people you go with! We travel in groups when we play as it amplifies the fun!

In order of significance and overall value to the Universe - each contributing greatly to the inspiration to showcase my work and get in on the blogger community:

Many have already received nominations, but oh well!

Jawaballs - Awesome guy and blogger with a great artist's hand. Like a lot of our number, he is also a teacher so we give him even more respect!

Strictly Average - A hilarious and very witty blog - I love visiting here just because he doesn't take himself so seriously. A secret: I enjoy not Brent's griefing and wholly approve.

From The Warp - The ultimate in community supporters and amazing paintjobs and tutorials to boot.

The back 40k - fun loving chaps not too unlike our number. We enjoy their take on things along with all their solid modeling and paint jobs.

Space Wolves - a great clean looking blog with frequent valuable information and some excellent tactica and list building

A Gentlemans Ones - Awesome blog! I visit here daily for the tips and ongoing paintjobs.

Blade and Bolter Boyz - Our 'nemesis' club out of Tennessee - even though we've only played them directly in 2 touneys we loved their camraderie. Their blog is new, but it's very good. These are a great bunch of folks, and you probably saw their team smurf armies in Adepticon pics. I think half our club has played Steve at least once though - and he runs another blog, terminus est. A great character to be around!