Grey Knights - Death From Above

I tried out a new Grey Knight list this week and had my best results yet with it. I may actually stick with this one, barring a FAQ messing it all up. The main components of the list I used this week were two Stormravens filled with 10 Death Cult Assassins each. One unit of DCA's has a Librarian attached while the other has a Techmarine.

 The Stormravens allow you to position the DCA units quickly where you want them to get off the assault. Assaulting with the DCA's is huge! 40 power weapon attacks is hard to withstand, but combine that with Hammerhand, and/or Rad Grenades and/or Might of the Titan and it is near impossible.

82nd Airborne Logo fits nicely
These two units are pretty point intensive, so that leaves the rest of the list to be quite point efficient. I have Coteaz in a Chimera with 3 Servitor's with Plascannons and 6 Psykers. Rounding out the troops is a standard unit of GKSS in a razorback with a psybolted heavy bolter.

The elite slot is finished out with a unit of purifiers in a rhino. The purifiers are equipped with 2 psycannons and 3 halberds. The heavy slot is the GK standard setup of 3 Rifleman Dreds with psybolts.

This still makes for an elite list, but it has good mobility and flexibility that allows it to really compete.

Here's the points breakdown for those of you who like to see it:

Librarian 170 w/Shrouding, Sanctuary, Might of Titan, Warp Rift, and Hammerhand
Coteaz 100
Techmarine 100 w/ Rad Grenades
5 Purifers 146 w/ 2 Psycannons, 3 Halberds
Rhino 40
10 Death Cult Assassin 150
10 Death Cult Assassin 150
6 Psyker & 3 Servitor w/ Plascannon 120
Chimera 55
5 Grey Knight Strike Squad 100
Razorback 50 w/ psybolt
Stormraven 205
Stormraven 205
3 Dreadnought 405 w/ 2 TL Autocannons & Psybolt

Total 1996

I'm thinking "Death from Above" as my moniker for this list, but I'd like to hear some other ideas. Thoughts or tactical questions?