War Pig Game and Hobby - The New Shop

In last weeks post I told you that I was moving my hobby shop to a new unit. I have been crazy busy since then but it is finally done.

Over the last two weeks I moved my shop into the unit next door. This ended up being a huge timesaver as it kept me from having to load everything into a truck and haul it across town. The new shop is about 200 square feet bigger than the last one. It is right at 8 feet wider which will allow me to fit tables three wide vs. two - this will let me hold events for up to 18 people comfortably - this is huge as the max I would have been able to hold in the past was 8 comfortable and 12 cramped like sardines.

The new shop has a dividing wall about 2/3rds back form the entrance, and this is where all the product is displayed. This setup allows for more space for gaming. There is an office and an alcove behind the wall. We are planning on turning the office into an executive role-playing room and the alcove is my painting area.

There is tons more room for storage and it is all out of site so the shop looks much cleaner and more inviting.

I am very happy in how the new shop turned out and can't wait to start hosting some larger events. Below are some pictures of the new shop.

What's this? Why it's our new banner from JawaBalls!