Daemon Blues.... Or Maybe Scribes

So, last week I blathered on about my ongoing tinkering with my Daemons list, and on Friday I actually got to put it to use. I played Bid D's Dark Angels and WildeEyed's Eldar. I had a solid victory against the DA but lost to the Eldar 1-0 in a 5 objective match.

Ironically, the changes I made to my list were to combat mech, and I managed to play two armies with very little. (WildEyed ran 3 Fire Prisms.) Nonetheless, as I'm trying to build an all-comer's list, I need to see what it will do against atypical armies as well.

Essentially, I dropped the Masque and added the Blue Scribes. With some other fiddling, I added two Tzeentch Princes with Bolt. Here goes:

Blue Scribes:

Against Big D I was facing acres of Terminators, but fortunately, the Scribes allowed me to move them around a bit and get off some charges with my assault elements. I'm pretty sure I only ever used Pavane in this battle, as I never seemed able to roll above a three. However, that proved pretty fortunate against such a heavy foot army.

Against Jester, the Scribes participated in my first turn attempt to annihilate a Seer Council. WildEyed runs 2, and they consistently thump me. So, when I got the first turn, I altered my drop to include essentially all of my shooting element. The Scribes threw Pavane to pull one Seer Council into range of all of my units. I managed to get the unit down to 3 and essentially neuter its effectiveness. He then threw Pavane again, but I missed the Rangers I was trying to pull into harm's way. Unfortunately, having the Scribes in a unit made that unit a good target, and the other Council avenged itself upon him.

Tzeentch Princes:

Against Big D, the Princes did one thing but did it well. It was a kill point mission, and Big D tried to protect his squishy attack bikes by reserving them. There was little my Princes could do against TH and SS, so I used them to snipe the 2 bikes when they did come on. Hitting on 2's with S8 popped them both quite nicely and netted me 2 KPs.

Against WildEyed, the Princes came in a bit late, but one of them did manage to put down a Fire Prism and prevent it from tank-shocking my Plaguebearer's off an objective, which gave me a chance to tie.

Overall, I'm still not sure about the Scribes. I dislike the randomness of that 2nd shot, but I like the fact that they are flexible. The Princes seem necessary if a bit lackluster without wings. I'm now going to mess around a bit more, dropping my Plaguebearers, reducing my Horrors down to units of 5, and working to get a total of 5 units of Horrors. This will add 2 more bolts and a fair amount of shooting.