First Impressions: Infinity

Saturday afternoon while I was wondering the halls at Adepticon, I can across two tables that were setup and demoing Infinity. Having watched the Beast of War coverage last week I was intrigued. I stood at the table for a bit and watched a few demos. After a couple of games, I got my turn.

Having played a few skirmish games over the years, this game plays like nothing I have ever played yet. You begin your turn by gaining order tokens for each model you have, and a lieutenant order token for your crews leader. You can use these tokens to activate any model that you have. Once you have completed the models activation, you can spend another order token to activate a new model or reactivate the one that you just finished with.

After getting my demo I found myself impressed with the games style of play. It kinda reminded me of Gears of War with minis. The game is very terrain heavy and for a good reason. Cover is king in this game. It not only makes you harder to hit, it makes it harder to actually get hurt. That forces the idea of get in cover or stand the chance of dieing. Both demo boards were cover heavy, one was even a office layout board.

The dice mechanic could get confusing for some, I fear. The dice of choice for the game is a D20. The way that you determine a success and a failure is closes to a target number and lower. There is an exception to this, and that is for armor checks. For armor, you take your armor value, add cover bonus if necessary, and then try and beat the armor penetration of the weapon by going over the target number. After a couple of games I could see this becoming second nature, but a couple of times in the game I got confused on which was which.

All in all, I find myself wanting to play this game more. With Corvus Belli recently publishing the core rules and army list online via their website. I may try and get a few people to proxy up some teams and learn more about this system.

Infinity website