Leaked Sisters of Battle Flyer

Big News for Sisters and The Summer of Flyers

Sithkhan from our forums posted this picture from a source at Games Workshop saying that this is going to be the Summer of Flyers model for the Sisters of Battle. He has been friends with one of their 3D Modelers/Designers since they were kids and every so often she shoots him something juicy a bit early.

The little nugget of joy she shipped over this time is a shot of the Sisters of Battle Flyer that will be coming out this summer. Supposedly this flyer will be able to carry two squads and two Penitent Engines. Sadly we don't have any word on whether or not this will be a PDF release like the Eldar Void Spinner, a Datasheet for Summer of Flyers/Apocalypse, or will be in the rulebook when it drops.

When I first saw this I thought it was a kitbash of a Valkyrie and a Caestus Assault Ram, but the Assault Ram just looks too different for this to be the case. I can see quite a few pieces of the Valkyrie in there, but with the way they do kits now they can just drag and drop pieces on the model - keeps production down and lets em crank out models much faster.

We can't wait till this summer to see this beast on the table.

***Happy April 1st***