The Day Before the Storm - Adepticon 2011 Thursday Night

Hey everyone, Haren here in Lombart, IL reporting on this years Adepticon. I had planned on playing in this years hardcore Warmachine event, but due to gamer ADHD I failed to paint most of my Menoth force. All is not lost for me though. I planned on doing end of day round ups from the con anyway, but now it seems like a good use of my time.

Tonight was mostly for early arrivals to pick up their badges. I took a look around the convention rooms after picking up my badge.

The night before reg line.

The main room is both the 40k room, and the dealers room.

The Fantasy is just a tad smaller than the 40k room but still a fairly large room.

Flames of War even has a decent sized room.

The Lord of the Rings room

The Swag Bag for the not so fortunate to get the big bag.

There isn't much more to say tonight other than I am expectant to see what tomorrow will bring. I'll return tomorrow evening to update everyone with the days events.