High on the Hawg - Weekly Top Links

Welcome to the first High on the Hawg Weekly Top Links -

1. Really great looking Adeptus Mechanicus tank from The Mordian 7th

2. Here is a good wet blending tutorial from Black Dot Barrel. He makes a good point that wet blending is only for a handful of scenarios, but it works really well where it is called for.

3. Popping the bubblewrap - Stelek does an amazing job with a tactica on how to break through a bubblewrap. You have to ignore any jabs at the community but if you can get past them this post is top notch.

4. Couple of interesting links on the value of money in Dungeons and Dragons - link - link - The economy in Dungeons and Dragons is just so screwy that it doesn't make any sense past about third level, but this goes into trying to figure it out/have it make more sense using the standard gear and coin weight/values as a base line. Has anyone ever ran a very economic heavy campaign? That is one area of RPGS that we haven't ever really gotten in to - might be fun, but you would definitely need the right group for it.

5. Here are some really sharp shots of a custom sculpt for a Female Eldar Exarch.