TauTauTau- Firewarriors and Knarloc

Due to a horrible accident at the local paper mill I work at, I have lost three of the five fingers on my right hand. This will be my last post on this blog, as I can no longer paint. That being said... I worked on some firewarriors this week. Highlighted with blazing orange, sunburst yellow. Highlighted plasma as a wet blend of ice blue and ultramarine. Will be based next week. Started highlighting my HQ. The shield and helmet are almost finished. Put a base coat on my greater knarloc. Think it looks pretty sweet. Here are the pics.

Unit of the Week: Greater Knarloc

Someone tell me what this thing does? It's a wicked model, but I am clueless to anything it is capable of.

In honor of Donald Glover visiting the U of A, here is my favorite video by Derrick Comedy: