Fantasy Ard boyz Round 3

I had to face a pretty scary list on the final table. We were pretty much playing for first. An orc player and a CAWS member so he is no slouch to fantasy.

Geordy's List

Grimnore Ironhide
Zigzag warzag (The special character orc wizard)
Orc Boss
Goblin bsb
2 lvl 1 Night Goblin Shamans
45 Night goblins
40 orc big uns
40 orc boyz
40 orc boyz
40 black orcs
Crazy spider thing

It was the diagonal deployment and stuff could end up in reserves on a 1. He got first turn and deployed all his stuff on my left flank heavily. His spider and a 40 man unit of boyz ended up in reserves.

I bunkered in the very far corner behind a woods. I have a lot of shooting and long range magic so I needed the extra turns to soften those units up. I guarded my flanks wiht the black guard and the chariot and hydra's as usual. I ended up with my 'unkillbale' dreadlord, 1 unit of shades, 1 unit of harpies off the board. At least they were all fast units. I put my unit of shades on his flank and threw an assassin in it.

High points;

I turn 2 charged the unit of 40 big uns with one unit of harpies, two hydras and a unit of shades with an assassin it it. Everyones attacks, two breath weapons and two thunder stomps later he had only his orc unit champ left. I lost 2 shades 3 harpies and 1 wound on a hydra this helped the battle out immensely.

I caste a final transmutation at the death star unit of 40 black orcs and 3 characters and out of about 43 dice I rolled 30 5+'s... I in one spell killed 3/4's of the unit that should have only taken 1/3.

I caste a final transmutation at the goblin unit rolling average or less than on the goblins. On each character in the unit I rolled a 6 though robbing him of his wizards and his bsb.

Grimgore Ironhide held his own against an assassin 2 units of shades and 2 hydras and refused to die.

Warzaugh (or whatever his name is) managed to not successfully cast a spell 3 turns in a row ruining his magic phase entirely.

I think I played it smart in the beginning with deployment and had the really nasty charge planned out that whipped out one of his units. After 1 or 2 good rolls for me and a couple of bad rolls for him the game started to turn from a slight advantage for me to a near tabling. At the end of round 4 he had half the unit of goblins, half a unit of orcs, Grimgore and the spider left. He had only taken 1 assassin and 1 harpy unit from me.

I only needed a wave serpent and Geordy wanted another spider so we traded our store credit so we could get what we wanted and he paid the 5 dollar difference of the wave serpent. We were talking with Magnus, the other Orc player, and told him he should probably not run Night goblins without using fanatics. Geordy gave Magnus some fanatics to have. A good sports move for Geordy for sure.

I managed to get decently lucky with a pretty average list and for round 2 of Fantasy Ard Boyz I'll be bringing something a lot more beardy. Really Beardy! ;) I hope everyone else fared well. I may be seeing you in round 2 or 3.