[Malifaux] Cheating Fate

I wanted to break up my recent tactica/walls of text and bring a podcast i've started listening too some limelight time on the blog: The Aethervox.

They have a small library at the moment so it's easy to get to the beginning and catch up if you want to check it out.

Content: 4/5
While all the content is Malifaux specific, they do branch outside Malifaux occasionally and look into influences like music or television shows that convey the proper theme. While I personally enjoy these little breaks, I know not everyone tuning into a gaming cast wants a 10 minute interlude of Tom Waits.

Knowledge: 3/5
The hosts have a good grasp of the game, but they are clearly building forces/learning the game at this stage. Again, this is great for newer players as they don't feel like they are decades behind - but power gamers could lose patience quickly.

Hobby: 5/5
These guys are definitely dedicated to the Hobby aspect of the game and encourage painting and alternate model shopping.

News: 4/5
Not a lot trickles in from Wyrd that they don't catch.

Overall listenability: 4/5

This is a well put together podcast with a great introduction to Wyrd's flagship game. The hosts are good natured and they have clearly added in a fantastic amount of theme in the vignettes between segments and occasional "broadcast takeovers" from the Guild and other nefarious Malifaux factions. I definitely recommend checking them out if you're getting into or interested in Malifaux.

Check them out here