Okay, now to address the issue of the Mordiem Championship. I believe Eric's video really summed up the event. That's behind us. Now we must team up and become the ultimate doubles team.

I'd like to compare it to when Piccolo and Goku realize that they have to team up for the greater good of humanity. This is quite ironic, because that is exactly how I feel about WARGAMESCON doubles tournament. I, of course, am Goku. Eric will be Piccolo. Raditz is our opponent. What a beautiful metaphor.

The endless torrent of smack that is going to be talked on this blog between now and then will make my Mordheim smack look like a freaking Judy Bloom novel. I think it's safe to say that if the #1 and #2 Mordeim players in the world team up for 40k doubles, then no two people could possibly beat them. I challenge any and all players from all across the country who plan to attend to WARGAMESCON this July to post here and say otherwise. Now on to my WIP.

I marathon painted this week. Probably a bad idea, as now I have a pile of non-40k related crap to do that I didn't do this week. I got a jump start on my crisis suit ethereal conversion, and hammered out most of my suits base coats. I also delved into the world of decals. Here are some pictures. The axe decals are for fluff reasons. Explanations to come.