What Now? Daemons in a World Full of Grey Knights!

I'm going to run with some thoughts I've been having concerning the future of the Daemons army I am currently building, thoughts which have occurred to me as the Grey Knights have been looming ever closer. To me, the most daunting rule I've heard is the ability of Grey Knights to negate Eternal Warrior. My current build includes 23 multi-wound models, so this concerns me. For my fiends, it's not too daunting, as they only have 2 wounds, so one extra wound, while not awesome, isn't the end of the world. However, when it comes to my HQs and my DPs, I'm quite a bit more concerned. I like to use the Keeper of Secrets as a one monster unit-killer, and I can't do that when there's a risk of it getting one-shotted. That being said, I'm trying to think of how to modify my play style and/or my list.

Assuming I keep the same list, all of my close combat punch comes from multi-wound models, so I need to come up with a solution. Thus far, the need for me to get multiple units in on every charge is pretty great. I'm currently assuming that only the Sergeant-Equivalent will be able to channel psychic energy into the NFW and insta-kill something. The key will be ensuring that he gets tied up with a less valuable model. It's like hiding your non-EW ICs from powerfists. It's going to require more timing and spacing, but fortunately the assault element of my army is quite fast, either winged, beast, fleet, or both.

The other option I'm looking at is modifying my list to include Seekers, one wound models who can keep up with the rest of my army. I'd honestly like to use Bloodletters, but they simply aren't fast enough. With a fairly large number of attacks and rending, I think Seekers fit the bill. The issue becomes getting the points and tweaking to find the right number. I think if I drop one of my DPs and pull some other shenanigans I can get 2 units of 7. That's 35 rending attacks on the charge, swinging at initiative 6, which is not something you can ignore. Admittedly they are going to go down to return strikes, but if I can couple them with either a unit of fiends, a DP, or my Keeper of Secrets, I should be able to protect my multi-wound models and kill enough of the unit I'm hitting to make return strikes ineffectual.

Well, those are my weekend ramblings.