Friday Kegger of Knowledge at TauTauTau

I was pretty busy this week in my assembling. I managed to get the last 8 of my crisis suits put together and primed. I found that if I did them three at a time, the process was much quicker and more efficient. Also, I found that when washing resin it is easier to do so in tuberware. I simply filled one container up with warm, soapy water and let the resin pieces sit in it for 20 minutes. I filled the second one up with room temp water. I'd scrub the ones from the first tub, rinse them in the first tubs water, then put them in the second tub. This allowed me to do much more washing at one time, and I didn't have to worry about losing pieces in the sink/maintaining the soap as often. Anyway, here are pictures of 6 of the 8 suits. I finished 2 of them tonight, and they are still drying. Oh yeah, and Big_D did some air brush basecoating for me this week. Should have some pictures of that up next week.

A couple notes on the suits: 1. They are based temporarily on huge bases, they are not glued so they look kind of goofy. 2. These models have alot of options for posing. I wanted to make them as dynamic as possible. Feedback welcome. 3. Sorry for the terrible picture quality.

The last picture is a preview of next week. I will be assembling my last 5 broadsides, and using that red mix in the picture to finish the basecoat on my other models.

Unit of the Week- Shas-El

I've been playing with the idea of how to run these guys for basicly my entire stay with Tau. Do you want to give them a lot of options and make them incredibly good? Do you want to give them bodyguards? Do you want to give them drones? After playing ungodly amounts of games with the T-Empire, I can honestly answer "probably not" to all three of those questions. While good, you can spend those points in a solid 5 or 6 other places and get better results. I ussually run my Shas'El with a twin linked Missile pod, and either a plasma rifle/ HW multitracker, or flamer/ HW target lock. It really depends on my mood. These guys are pretty sick with a TL missile pod, though. BS 4 base with 2 chances to hit and wounding on a 2? I'll take it. They are a single unit light armor wrecking crew, esspecially if you take the target lock. I say all this, but I have to come back to my "PROBABLY not". In my list tinkering for a doubles tournament, I'm thinking that a shield drone and iridium armor might be pretty valuable to the team. So, it really depends on play style/situation...
Now enjoy this little number, I know I will.