Cheating Fate

I know I promised the a model peek at my Guild-ers this week, but I thought I'd take a moment to review the new Malifaux Core Rules Manual that was just recently released.

A+. Everything flows very well. The information is clearly presented and broken down into applicable sub-rules and examples. The two biggest changes: 1. Removal of the fluff and 2. An index.
Instead of using the equivalent of a keyword search in the first book you can now find almost anything in the rules in a few page flicks.

A. Wyrd moved away from their trademark "puppet" artwork and put in darker, more realistic drawings. Very striking in style. The diagrams that accompany some of the rules (firing into melee, LoS, terrain, etc.) are well constructed and easy to read.

A+. Required reading for anyone coming into Malifaux. Some have criticized the original rulebook a bit too harshly, but this rules manual seems to be be getting a large amount of praise.

A. $15 for a small, compact rules manual. The mini-rules from GW run around $20 and have to be bought second hand. Some have faulted Wyrd for putting out another 'rulebook' after 2 years, however, it was needed and I think it shows a great move on Wyrd's part with the inclusion of a free PDF version that will be released 3/25.

Overall - A.

(I know, fanboy votes don't count.)

If you've been interested in Malifaux and were worried about the cost of entry then this is a great time to check it out. The rules manual is cheap, easy to read, and very concise.

-Your Local Henchman.