Foray into 40k - The Man Cave

With all the talk of Grey Knights this week, I thought I'd give everyone a little break with more of a "human interest" piece. The human is me and I'm interested in getting everyone's input on what I need in my Man Cave. I've got a finished out area above my garage that a couple of my buddies used to use when they lived upstairs. Since they moved out a couple years ago, I haven't really used the space much. Here's a before picture of room, which shows it was pretty much a junk heap. I'd really like to make this a good room to work on Warhammer stuff in and just piddle around in general.

I began by cleaning a lot of the junk out of it so I could get a feel for what the space is really like. To be a proper Man Cave I had to get a flat screen tv in there. I also knew that I wanted to switch from a crappy, wobbly metal table to something more substancial to work on. I found a good solid wood table that looks like a butchers block that really fits the bill, since I'll be butchering up miniatures and all.

The rooms coming together, but I know that it needs more. I've got a couple items I've acquired along the way that must be part of the Man Cave plan. The Champagne of Beers will hold a few mini's nicely and the beer tender serves an obvious function. The question is, what else do I need? Not just just generic..... you need furniture. I'm looking for specific ideas. Either items you've got or have always thought it would be good to have. The final picture is of what the room looks like from my chair right now. Thanks in advance for all the help.

If it overlooked the beach, I know that would help.