War Walker Retrofit

Thought I would share a little bit of conversion work all done from the bottom of my bits box.  There will be a unit of three war walkers striding onto the scene with my Eldar list.  Turns out there were the pieces of a war walker scattered throughout my bits box, lost to the ages as I worked on other armies. 
I am so old!

Now it is time to call it back to service.  One problem though.  This is one of the original war walkers circa 1994 and it was in need of some retrofitting to at least make an attempt to fit in with the rest of the unit, which will be the latest models.  I never really could get used to the driver in a very little and extremely exposed chair anyway.  

 You could have painted me up first!

 This turned out to be easier than I thought.  Some extra vehicle parts, some pinning, and you have a war walker with a face lift.  Haven't gotten around to painting it up yet and mounting it on a proper base, but you get the idea.  I highlighted the additional pieces so you can see how some minor changes can make the difference.

For comparison, I have included the newest version too.  The remodel won't ever be exact, but I think it looks more like the newer one...especially if you stand about 10 feet away and squint. 

Dead sexy!