Friday at TauTauTau- Paint Scheme Test

A couple of things that are new this week.  One- I finished assembling all of my forgeworld...I'm quite pleased.  Two- I got demolished by Jester's eldar jetbike list, and this leads me to...Three- I need to practice against Orcs, Demons, and the latter.  Anyone who is in or around the area, let me know and I'll try and get a game with you.

I painted up a couple of models in the paint scheme I want.  I posted my HQ last week, so now I am posting 2 crisis suits and a fire warrior.  The fire warrior has been completely shaded and partially highlighted, so it gives the best picture of how the army will hopefully look.  The crisis suits are only partially even started with their paint job, just thought I'd post what I got so far. The red is a blend of scab/blood/blazing orange, about 2:2:1.  I like the blazing orange in there because it looks really clean when highlighted back over with blazing.  The black will be dry brushed with a codex grey once they are shaded.  All of the base coats on my models were done by Big_D, and I believe he did them with a mix of golden yellow and sunburst.  Next week I hope to have some shaded models to post, as well as some pirahna action.

Here is my HQ from last week for comparison.

Unit of the Week- Helios crisis suit

I am torn on this one.  A helios has a fusion blaster, plasma rifle, and multitracker.  While I can't see this ever making one of my lists in this edition, they are still fun to run. One AP 2 STR 8 melta shot and a AP 2 STR 6 rapid fire.    They will wreck anything within 12 inches, but then again, you have to be within 12 inches.   That close + crisis suits = DEAD.  If they were cheaper, maybe...If you ever want to have a little fun, field 3 units of 3 of these things + 6 pirahnas and just run into your enemies backfield.  

Here is a video.  I'd vote for this guy...