Friday Rumor Roundup - Sisters AND Necrons?

Got a couple of juicy and a few very suspect rumors for you this week.

To start things off I have heard from an either very reliable or completely hokey source that we will be seeing BOTH Necrons and Sisters of Battle this year. This supposedly comes from the guy who leaked the Italian or French Dark Eldar Codex online. This fits in pretty well with what we predicted back in January.

Another Sisters rumor popped up over at Dakka -

Our GW store manager leaked a few things about what is being planned. Not what there will be.

Firstly there are plans for it to be in White Dwarf and Downloadable like the old BA PDF.

It will be Sisters of Battle, The Church/Ecclsiarchy and a large amount of Inquisition.

As with all new codexes there will be lots of new special characters.

Finally it will be between now and spring 2013.
Not sure on this one. Seems a bit too vague for my likes. Maybe parts of it will turn out to be correct.

Next up is the preview pictures from the next release for the Dark Eldar. My money is on this being from a Wrack/Grotesque kit. It could be from a new Talos, but I'm just not feeling it.

Stickmonkey from Warseer brings us the following Tyranid model news -

Doom blisterTyrannofex plastic with options to build as Tervigon - unreliable rumor as to the optional build, but I'm throwing it in
Tyranid direct only lashwhip bonesword upgrade blister for warriors
"yrmgarll?" direct only genestealer flashgit model, one pose, direct only.

On the flyer front. Theres a rumor of a thunderbolt fighter in design for plastic...from the sound its very early, and if other rumors are true of a "flyer" WD supplemental release, it would not make that cut.
Seems pretty legit. August is the current speculated date for these minis to drop but I wouldn't be suprised to see them in June/July if the Summer of Flyers falls through.

This last one is not really a rumor but it kind of fits in. I found a Polish site selling some absolutely sick Squat type models. Check em out -

If Squats end up being in the next Tau Codex these guys would be just perfect.