Riddle Me This! Episode II Solution

This Weeks riddle can be found here. A purple twinkie to Rkik and Tame who figured it out!
 • Your opponent deploys two empty rhinos as his two troop selections.  These rhinos are 8" away from his table edge and turned sideways.
• On your opponents turn he moves two assault units onto the board and to within 2” of the pair of rhinos on his turn.
• The troops each embark into the empty waiting rhino.
• Both rhinos pivot forward and then move forward a full 12" carrying their cargo of full assault squads. The blood angels portion is the red herring. Turboboosting is not possible since no unit may embark into a vehicle that has or will mobe flat out.
• Showing some bravery, the rhino ends its movement by popping smoke and pivoting on the spot, presenting the back ramp closest to the enemy.  The pivot gains the BA player an extra 2” beyond what he started with.
• On the BA players second turn the troops embark to the maximum of 2” away, move 6” and then assault 6”
This gives the blood angel players a total of at least 36" of movement over the course of two turns – enough to get the player into the opponents zone. A move possible with any army and dedicated troop Transports via dawn of war.