Cheating Fate

This week i'll show off my Guild.

Pretty simple paint schemes all around, they were my first crew so I didn't want to go too crazy - just get them together, painted, and ready to push around on the board.

For my main hitting power I run 2 witchling stalkers. They generally group up with a Convict Gunslinger for support.

My main guild master is Lady Justice. She hits like a freight train, but you can't just push her forward unsupported as she lacks a high defense and has no abilities to mitigate damage. I try and back her up with a Death Marshal and put them in a blocking path of Nino who is my main "problem-solver"

The basing was spruced up with some old WFB skeleton bits.

The only tricky assembly was the leaping Death Marshall. He didn't fit his 'peg' so I had to greenstuff him. The coffin was also completely hollow, so I magnetized it to the base for extra stability.