Riddle Me This! Rules Quiz Episode III

The Setup:
You are playing dark eldar and it is about to be the end of turn 5 of an objective game.  In a desperate bid to go for the win you have stretched your 10 man wych squad to cover and claim two objectives, by spreading them apart a maximum of 2" beween each model.  You currently hold both objectives with one unit!

The Situation:  The Ig player, your opponent, sprays your wyches with miscelaneous fire and you must now remove 4 casualties.  In an attempt to keep the game in your favor, you remove the wyches from the middle of the Wych line breaking coherency.  You hope the game ends turn 5, but for now you will still hold both objectives.  Unfortunately, bad goes to worse and you fail your panic check!

The Riddle:  If the game doesn't end until turn 6 or 7 what happens to the unit?