Grey Knight Storm Raven

Since the Grey Knight Codex is coming out this week I decided to show you a project I have been working on. I am paiting up Sweet E's Grey Knights for him and he decided he wanted a Storm Raven. He wanted to be able to use it primarily with his Grey Knights but also wanted the option to field it wiht Blood Angels if he ever decided to build that as an army. To that end we went with a non-traditional color scheme (Bone, Bronze, and a touch of Red) and I had quite a bit of artistic license on this model.

The first thing I decided was that I wanted it to be half-and-half. I had never done a model this way and I thought it was about time. I primed the model black, let it dry, and then put a piece of painters tape right down the middle and got the airbrish out. I sprayed the left half Dheneb Stone, let it dry a bit, and then pulled the tape. At this point I walked away from it for 24 hours. I knew I was going to have to put tape down over the Dheneb stone and wanted to make sure it was ABSOLUTELY dry and wouldn't pull free with the tape.

The next day I came back to his project and sprayed the right half with Brassy Brass from Vallejo. The tape pulled up just fine and didn't mess up the Dheneb Stone.

After this had dried I went back and touched up the areas that had some over lap and gaps. Took about 10 minutes and wasn't that bad.

Next up I painted the engines and interior black, dry brushed them Boltgun, and then sprayed the whole model with Badab Black Wash. At this point I was a bit worried but I carried on with the plan.

Next up was the cockpit and turret. I sprayed them Mechrite Red.

From the above picture there were just a few more steps to finished. I dry brushed the Dheneb Stone side with Dheneb Stone, then Bleached Bone, and then Skull White - I did this with a very light coat each time and it really lightened that side of the model up. I then applied some battle damage by putting down Codex Grey, Chaos Black, Boltgun, and Badab Black. I did this on both sides to add some break to the flat areas. I then highlighted the red using Blood Red and a bit of Blazing Orange.

At this point the model is done. It has been sealed, the cockpits glued in, and it can stand on it's base. All in all this model took me about two weeks to do. I didn't work on it very much all at once as he wasn't in a hurry for it. This was a model that I would spend about fifteen minutes on and then come back to in a day or two. Over all I would say that I have right about four hours of hands on time with this model.