New Dwarf Berzerker Plastic Unit from Avatars of War

Avatars of War has just announced the pre-order for their PLASTIC Dwarf Berzerker unit and man do they look slick. These guys will be shipping the last week of may.

I have ordered a few models form Avatars of War before - the Dwarf Slayer - and have been really impressed with the quality. The detail on the above unit just looks amazing. These guys retail for 25 Euros or about $35 US and includes free shipping if you order two or more boxes. That is pretty nice for a box of 20 Dwarfs. If you are wanting to use these as a replacement for Games Workshop Dwarf Slayers you will be really coming out ahead as all of GW's models are pewter.

I have always been tempted to do a Dwarf Slayer army but have held back because of the cost and the fact that it would just be horrible on the field. Now that the cost part is less of an issue I might just have to get with it.