Blog name change, I know...My Forge World stuff came in, so I found it appropriate. Ten day turn around on the order...pretty sweet. I was happy when it all arrived, until I began assembling the first model. That's when it hit me: This is going to take a very long time to even assemble, let alone paint. So, while I'm estactic that it's here, I'm also pretty intimidated with the shear size of the project. One huge, unexpected plus to my order: Every suit comes with a citadel plastic sprue also. This means I have tons of random Tau bits, and even enough to make two basic suits extra. I sold off all the extra weapon sprues to make a little revenue toward War Games Con this summer. Any way, here are the initial pictures of the order. I also managed to get 4 models, one of each, put together...It was like Christmas morning, I couldn't resist myself (even at the cost of failing a Cal quiz). I also included a bonus pic of the unassembled Great Knarloc. I want to share my fear of modeling this thing with the world.

Unit of the Week- Deathrain with Flamer

Alot of people have critisized this slot choice. I don't really care. I think it is probally the most effective way to configure suits per cost. You get the twinlinked missile pod, and once in a blue moon you get to flame the heck out of some unexpecting horde. It is the cheapest way to configure a unit of crisis suits, and in my opinion the best. This holds true esspecially at low points, where you can squeeze in 9 of these bad boys plus some. In my 2000 point list, I ussually run 3 to 6 of them depending on how much AP I have in the rest of my list. If its a low rail list, I'll run 3, then run 6 fireknives. Bottom line: Don't hate them until you try them. Trust me.

You know what they call her? The confession machine. Enjoy.