Cheating Fate

Last week I showed off one of my Arcanists crews, this week I thought I'd show off my [speed] painted Resurrectionist crew – Kirai and her spirits of vengeance.

I really don't care for the other Resurrectionist factions – McMourning looks silly, Nicoderm's crew seems to really only suit a handful of objectives, and Seamus's crew is so popular that I didn't want to play a lot of mirror matches. That only left the newest Master: Kirai out of the Rising Powers expansion. Her crew hits hard, is resilient to damage, and can cover a lot of ground quickly which makes it strong all around.

For the base spirits I started with a white base, washed with Badab black, and then overbrushed back on the model with Skull White. I use this for a lot of Malifaux models so you can cut and paste this part in any future guides.

For Kirai I used green/blue washes and Sepia on the skin. Even though she's the only non-spirit in the crew I still wanted to give her a slightly ethereal look to keep her in scheme with the rest of the crew.

For Batsue-ba and the rest of the core spirits I went with a similar base and then highlighted the green up with Goblin Green in lighter and lighter drybrushing passes. I felt like this gave this a haunted look to the crew without going over the top.

For the Gaki, I tried something else to make them stand out. I tried the same basic technique, but used blue instead of green. I have to say that i'm pleased with breaking up the sea of green, but I don't think the blue was the right choice around.

Now to just finish off the bases (if I can pick a theme – any suggestions?) and keep racking up the games!