You know they're (grey knights leak) fake right?

edit: somehow people think I believe the leak is actually correct, despite the name of the post. I actually support the likes of tasty taste, stick monkey, and Katie drake. I fully believe staves will be limited in the final product. My goal with the post was to point out how silly things might have been if they weren't changed...

By now most people know there is a leaked grey knight codex floating around the net. It looks pretty real and looks like a scan of an early play test. Complete fluff and all. It jives with almost all the rumors you see in various forums and sites. Unfortunately, just like the things in the picture below - fake! Or at least too early of a test copy to be 100% accurate.

Yes, in the 'leaked' dex all pallies can buy warding staves for 20 points over their initial cost. Most credible rumor mongers state this is now one per unit.

but what is really silly is.....

In the leak, the grey knight strike squads entry allows staves for 25 points! Normal marines with 2+ invulnerable saves. You could also buy personal tele porters in this early release. If that had stayed the case there would have been no reason to take pallies since normal guys would have the 2up invuln and bounce around the board for half the cost. And to think everyone was crying the sky is falling due to warding staves on terminators.

Verdict on the leaked dex: fake or too early of a play test to be reliable! I would trust the rumors and not take the leak as entirely correct.