Foray into 40k

I would like to begin by thanking Wildeyedjester for the title of my Sunday series of posts. Here in "Foray into 40k" I hope to chronicle my journey in learning to play 40k. As some of you know, and others of you don't, I'm a long time Hogs of War member, but have just recently began playing 40k. I attended Bolscon last year as an observer and that was the beginning of the end I guess. The guys were all burnt out on 40k immediately following Bols, so I'd been waiting to get in when everyone was interested again.

Here's what created the interest:: War Games Con, formerly known as Bolscon, has opened its registration up and so now we are all on a deadline. Some are just refining an existing army, while I have the task of building an army and learning to play by then, so I can put in a respectable showing.

I had decided last year that I wanted to play Grey Knights, so I'm still waiting on the new codex and models to come out to do that. With that in mind I decided to focus on learning to play first. I made my first list two weekends ago and got in a game with Big Al. I fielded a salamander list against him, and proceeded to learn a whole lot in game one. Reflecting upon my first game, I decided I wanted to play something with terminator troops so I switched to Dark Angels thinking this would better mirror the soon to come GK codex. Since the switch I've played 4 games. I've been able to scratch out a few Wins, but the focus has really been on learning to play tactically.

I tried several different Dark Angel lists across the games and would like to inform you all that everyone of them was competitive and fun. I started with a more classic double wing list, tried a two landraider list, and then spammed missiles in my last two. All of these included Belial to make the terminators troops, which makes every list stout, and elite (very few models). This really helps simplify things for a newbie like me. Less units to keep up with and less things to remember allows you to focus on watching the game unfold and learning the opponents army.

So in parting, for anyone out there thinking about getting into 40k, let me tell you that its fun and worth doing. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but just remember to try and keep it simple. Build on that to get to where you want to be.

Sweet E