The Demons are coming and Just in time to get Grey Knighted

So, after the 3-day marathon that was Bolscon last year, I was, simply put, burned out. I didn't want to play. I didn't want to paint. I didn't want to look at a codex. It had nothing to do with the tournament, which was quite enjoyable if a bit grueling. Rather, I had been playing so regularly and working so much to finish painting my army that the fallout following the tournament lasted several months. I tried fantasy for a while and painted up some Ogres, which I quite like, but fantasy did not really catch on with the guys with whom I usually play. Therefore, I turned my eyes and my hobby time back toward 40k.

I picked up a couple of different models to see what struck my fancy. The one I most enjoyed painting was the new plastic Demon prince, so I set about starting a Demon army. I've been working on it for quite a while now, and I plan on detailing the building of it in the next couple of months. I still haven't finished my first Demon prince, though he is nearing completion, but I have finished my first unit.

The general notion behind the army is to create a competitive list that I enjoy playing and to paint and model the army in a, shall we say, Nurglesque manner. For my first full unit, I decided to build fiends because I knew I was going to use them. They are undercosted and can wreck just about anything you need wrecked. To make them Nurglesque I stole an idea from Big D and started with the goblin spider riders for a base. To get the look I wanted I decided to use the VC ghouls as the torso, head, and arms of the centaur-like beast. I had to cut off the 2 front legs of the spider and green-stuff the ghoul torsos on. I have been quite pleased with the results. So, here's the unit.

I intend on carrying the spider theme further in the army by incorporating the Arachnarok spider once it comes out, assuming I can find a way to model it that won't result in a never-ending series of Difficult Terrain tests and Deep Striking Mishaps.

So, I'll stop rambling now,