Shiloh Slaughter Game 5

Game 5


(My list can be found in the first post.)

War alter, mace of helstrum, reroll 2+
Captain, peg, potion toughness, lance, dragon helm
Warrior priest, challenge stat swap,
Wizard lvl 2, metal, rod of storage
Captain, bsb, items?
35 halberds, fc,
10 handguns
15 swordsmen
35 swordsmen, fc
5 halberds
10 crossbows
5 pistoliers
21 flagellants, champ
10 knights, great weapons, fc

I like this list a lot. I really enjoy lots of units and lots of tactical flexibility. I’m not a fan of point denial or 1 trick pony armies. If I played empire it would resemble something like this.

The mission was pretty interesting. It was assassination. You picked an enemy character and if you killed it on turn 1 or 2 you got 500 extra points and as the turns went the point bonus points went down. Standard take turn deployment 12inches in but you couldn’t deploy on 9inches in from the short board edges. I nominated his warrior priest in the unit of knights hoping for a good lore of metal magic phase. He nominated my wizard as it was the best chance of dying out of my 3 characters.

I deployed my standard bunker around my cauldron with the hydra and the knights on opposite flanks. He deployed with one side all his heavy hitters. The knights, flagellants and the war alter. The warmachines were in the middle and all the infantry on the other side. I then put the shades 12inches in front of his knights in some woods.

He charged the knights at the shades, they stood and shot and between difficult terrain and the volley I downed a couple of them. They were obviously bait but if he didn’t charge them they would be all over the warmachines very quickly. He shot both cannons at Mr. Hydra, one of which misfired and the other rolled a 1 to wound. Otherwise progressed his lines up. He blew through those poor shades as well but chose not to over run. My turn 1 I moved my harpies to warmachine hunt and danced about as normal in movement. I Golden hounded his warrior priest killing a couple of knights and doing a wound to the priest. Black guard moved up right in front of the knight unit and my dread lord peggy played chicken with his captain peggy. His turn 2, he combo charged with the war alter and the knight unit into the black guard but the war alter failed his charge, sealing the knights and warrior priests fate. Everything pretty much advanced in his lines. His cannon tried to grapeshot the harpies but failed to hit because of them being skirmishers. The Knights got murdered and the warrior priest with them by the black guard in persuit. Their persuit led them to be about 2 inches from the war alters flank. His helblaster misfires and does nothing to the second harpy unit. My turn 2 I charge the helblaster and a cannon with harpies and the war alter with my black guard. The dreadlord flies up his flank. I do 4 wounds to the war alter ignoring the priest on top. I kill the helblaster overrunning into the next cannon. The other harpies do a wound or two to their cannon but don’t kill it. I shot some units here and there with Rxb’s. His turn 3 his peg captain charges the flank of my hydra and does no wounds and I do none back. He wins by 2 they hydra runs and is cut down and the captain over runs into the flank of my Rxb’s. His flagellants charge my cauldron and do 5 wounds and I fail all my ward saves and he overruns and misses the flank of my spearmen unit by 1 inch. If he had gotten that it would have been game over right there. I finish off the war alter but the priest stands. I still don’t kill the other cannon. My turn 3, I charge my dreadlord and harpies into the rear and flank of his bsb large halberd unit. The cold ones charge in the flank of the flagellants just to hold them out of my infantry lines. The spearmen charge the peg captain that overran into my flank just to add some static res and preventing him from killing them outright. Because of silly placement on my part, my level 4 is in contact with his captain. I finally run down the warrior priest lord guy. Turn 4 and 5 I keep grinding down the flagellants with the cold one knights. My dreadlord and unit of harpies break his halberds with the bsb and run them down and then later charge the large sword men unit in the flank. The other unit of harpies charged the rear of the 15 swordsmen unit and broke them and ran them down. After about 3 rounds of combat the captain kills my lvl 4 but I finally get the peg captain to break and he rolls 12 to flee. I pursue with both the spears and crossbowmen and actually roll a 12 and catch him and Cody calls it after the roll.

It was looking good in his favor about mid game but 2 bad leadership checks turned it pretty far back in my favor.

I won 16 points and the full 4 bonus points.