Shiloh Slaughter Game 4

Game 4


(My list can be found in the first post.)

Anvil of doom fellow
Thane bsb, good armor
Thane combat, rune of challenge
35 Warriors, fc, great weapons
35 Warriors, fc, great weapons
35 Warriors, fc, great weapons
15 miners, fc
15 thunderers
Organ gun, reroll
Cannon, flame, reroll
Cannon, flame

Mr Hydra… Where did you go? :p

I’ve known Alan a couple of years but have only played against him 3 times even though hes a local player. We went into it in good spirits knowing we’d backstab each other on sports after-wards! :D

Mission was a modified watch tower. Instead of the usual all or nothing, it was just worth an extra 250 points and an extra battle point if you held it for 4 turns.

Alan anchored his center with the 3 units of warriors and the organ gun and thunderers and had a cannon on a flank and a cannon on a hill. His anvil was behind a hill. His miners were to come off a board edge. The gyrocopter was on an extreme flank. I deployed with a central battle line with the cauldron in the middle. My cold ones were on my extreme left flank and black guard on my right so he couldn’t sweep up a flank with warriors. I placed my Hydra dead center knowing his turn 1 fate.

He got the first turn. And I had to remove my beloved hydra. He hit my lord with the anvil making him not fly and half move. He advanced. My first turn I did some repositioning and moved my harpies up to threaten his warmachines. I advanced the black guard. He jumped in the building and advanced with most everything else. His minors failed the 4+ reroll to come in. He swung his gyrocopter around to the rear of my spearmen unit and flamed them getting 25 hits. We looked it up and came to the conclusion after reading its entry that it shoots as a warmachine so I took my 6+ ward save from the Icon and saved a bunch I think he still downed a little over 10. (Does anyone know if this is correct?) He shot cannon at my COB and failed to wound. The other cannon shot at my Dreadlord and bounced off. He organ gunned a harpie unit shredding them. My turn two he ruin of challenged my black guard and they failed charged. Harpies went into the cannon. I swift reformed a RxB unit to face the copter. I got enchanted blades on the reformed unit. I hit it on 4’s and wounded on 6’s with 40 shots and downed it and was very grateful. That gyrocopter in my back lines could have single handedly destroyed my entire army. I had to move my dreadlord back to block a flank charge on those same bows from his minors, if they came on. Shades and spears and black guard had the building surrounded so he couldn’t come out of the building and anvil charge where ever he pleased. My harpies whiffed horribly and ran from the cannon. His turn 3 the minors showed up and rear charged my knights off of a flank with the anvils aid. The challenge thane and his warriors charged into the black guard. The guard had glittering robe on (3+ AS) and a Cauldron 5+ on them. He started taking pop shots at the fleeing harpy hoping to snag her points but failing. Minors win combat with the knights but they stay. The thane and unit champ get in a challenge I do a wound and he does none back to me. I kill around 10 dwarves he kills 2 guard. He stays on steadfast. My turn 3 I shoot down a lot of thunderers with Rxb’s they panic but stay on the board. I get enchanted blades on the black guard. (evil evil stuff) I mostly start jogging my units over to hide from his army as most combats he’ll easily win. My cold ones miss all their attacks and are run down by the minors. My dreadlord positions himself to hit the organ gun. Black guard kill the thane in a challenge and then hit on rerollable 2+’s and wounding on 4+’s with AP, Flaming, Magical attacks! I murdered those pesky dwarves! He says “snake eyes” rolls two dice they land on double ones and he just winks as if it were his plan the entire time. It was great for a laugh! Turn 4 and 5 kind of run together. Basically he kills 20ish spearmen and I jump the sorc over to a block of RxB’s. Dreadlord Spikes the organ gun and overruns into the thunderers and kills them and reforms to look at the last cannon in the back field. Black guard finally chew their way through the dwarf block. His minors and last dwarf unit charge and I flee with both RxB’s and rally. I think I did this twice to conserve the points. I make a huge mistake on the second flee as I only have 8 guys left and it gave him a flank shot from a cannon. If he can kill a couple guys I can’t rally my unit and the lvl 4 sorceress. He either misfires or falls short though. My last turn 6 I rally everything and a harpie is 8 inches away from the table edge and rolls a 6 to stay on and keep her points and I spike a cannon with the dreadlord.

We total it up I had some units and then an underdog and a banner. He had some units and the tower. (+250) I won by 315 points. 15 points under what I had and it would have been a draw. I would love to have claimed that I won because of tactical genius but I think this one came down to a couple of lucky rolls. The lone harpy fleeing about 3 to 9 inches a turn and being an inch and a half from the board edge and him failing his sneaky cannon shot to prevent my rally pretty much made the draw go to my favor. I think we both made 1 or 2 mistakes but mine were forgiven by dice in the end.

(I've been told there were some mistakes on Alan's part this game as well. The anvil could not have targeted my dreadlord. They can't target single characters unless they or there mount is a large target. He couldn't have rune of challenged my black guard because they are immune to psychology. Also the slow movement only robs flyers of fly or makes a nonflying unit move at half speed not both. The effects don't stack.)

I win 16 points and get 1 bonus point.