Shiloh Slaughter Game 3

Game 3

Jeff (my game 1’s brother)
High Elves

(My list can be found in the first post.)

Noble/Prince Items?
Lvl 2 Shadow, +1 spell
Lvl 2 High Magic, Items?
BSB Noble
10 archers, mus
10 archers, mus
10 archers, mus
30 spears, shields, fc
18 sword masters, fc
20 phoenix guard, fc, banner of sorcery
5/6? Dragon Princes, fc
5 reaver fast cav, spears maybe a mus
Lion chariot
Great eagle
Great eagle
Bolt thrower

I loved his list, a very balanced fun MMU army! (How elves should be played)

The mission was a wall (obstacle) in the center you could mine bricks off of (d3-1) and distribute to your units giving them +d3 combat res. (one use only) otherwise pitched battle.

In his deployment he deployed almost exactly how I do every game. He had a strong infantry base with the bsb and general on one side yet still kind of in the middle, a weak flank with a strong unit to support it and fast units spread through the lines to support or take out smaller units where needed. Basically he played a mirrored list and deployment to mine only of the high variety instead of dark. All in all it was one of my best games and most tactical ones I played all weekend. Our strong flanks and weaker flanks were opposite of each other so we ended up playing a dancing game the entire time.

He vanguarded the reavers up so he could have a first turn mine from the wall. I got first turne and shot them down to 2 guys left and otherwise repositioning and advancing the hydras and harpies. He advanced and shot from the back and tried to pit my hydra but failed. I shot his chariot to pieces and advanced the hydra and harpies forward again. One unit of harpies charged a 10 man archer unit in the flank. We exchanged some wounds and they fled fleeing through another unit and making them flee as well. Both units stop an inch or two away from the board edge one of them having the lvl 2 wizard. I finish off his reavers and his lion chariot. His turn 2 he realizes his army can’t hang with my shooting as he advances so he starts backing up. He pit of shades my hydra and sucks him into a black hole. From here I’ll just hit the highlights as turns run together. My shades on his flank basically constantly fleeing from his shooting or charges and constantly rallying the entire game. I quick reform my knights on a reroll ten and fail exposing my flank to the dragon princes. He charges with the princes to my knights I flee only running off the board on a 12… so I roll a 12 giving him the points. (I now realize because of stupidity in 8th I couldn't have fled. It wouldn't have changed much though as he got the points for my knights and in turn I got points for his.) He asks if my black guard have the flaming banner then redirects the princes into them. I some how take zero wounds from the charging princes and kill one of them. He rolls a 10 for leadership and checks his bsb only to realize the one model he pulled off brought him out of range. We proceed to run them down. He kills a harpy unit with a bolt thrower. He shoots my dreadlord with a bolt and does 2 wounds to him. I charge last turn with my dreadlord at some archers to finish them off on his stand and shoot he apparently hits the poor dreadlord in the eye and finishes him off… The game ended in a draw with me in the middle of the board and him on the very back of his board edge. It was a very tactical movement game with magic and shooting galore. I think I final transmutationed a unit 3 times and couldn’t snipe his general or make him fail some stupidity tests. It may sound uneventful but this game was the most edge of your seat game the entire tournament. My coldones running off the board mid game and me giving him my general to a lucky stand and shoot the last turn cost me the game, but that’s dice.

It resulted in a draw. We both got 8 points and both got 1 bonus point.