Shiloh Slaughter Game 2

Game 2


(My list can be found on the game 1 post.)

I’m not to familiar with Skaven to be honest and he had a lot of stuff. So I may forget a unit or two or not know the name of something…

Grey Seer, Bell, Items?
Hero Bsb, Items?
Engineer, Rocket thingy
Plague hero? Items?
25ish Plague monks, No fly and -2 to shoot banner
10 Jizzails
35 clan rats, FC
35 clan rats, FC
35 clan rats, FC
Flamer cav base thing
30 slaves
30 slaves
30 slaves
40 clan rats FC (bell inside)

This will probably be the least entertaining report. We only made it to turn 3. I had a zillion questions the whole time we played. (second time ever playing against skaven) We also had a couple rules disputes. (Nothing heated or nasty though.) Glittering robes scaly skin stacking with armor. My argument is yes because lizardmen would be silly if it didn’t stack and as I understand it it’s a different type of armor than “armor”. Also if an area of effect spell could hit my unit that was out of area but in combat with a unit that was in the area. The judged ruled my favor saving my shades that were in combat with his catapult were not hit.

The mission to be honest I don’t even remember at all. It had something to do with pigs… we both had two miniature pigs. They never came into play to my memory. It was a diagonal deployment though without the reserves rolling.

He deployed around his bell unit with almost everything. Bsb right behind and blocks of rats encircling it. Doomwheel on far right flank and frenzied guys on far left flank. Also his Jizzails and catapult were on a hill beside the frenzy guys. He put his Hellpit front and center in his lines as close as he could to me. I deployed in a building with rxbs and the sorc. I surrounded the building bunkering up with harpies in front and hydra on one flank and the knights on the other. My shades went on his flank hoping to draw the frenzy guys on a wild goose chase the whole game. He didn’t fall for it and ignored them. (as he should have) I ended up just warmachine hunting with them.

I got turn 1 and he popped the banner. (I have some shooting and flying… Shrug) In our 3 turns he never failed a banner throw. So I never flew or really killed much with shooting. I mostly repositioned to adjust to his deployment. The shades marched up really close to his flank with the warmachines. In his turn 1 he moved up towards my line but otherwise nothing of any notoriety. My turn 2, I charged his hellpit with my Dreadlord and a slave unit with the black guard. The shades charged the catapult. I picked off his flamer thing with shooting. Dread lord does some wounds to the Pit and takes none. My Black guard destroy the slaves (shocking I know) and overrun into the bells unit. I do some wounds to the catapult but it lives. His turn 2 he got some gross spell off that terrified me… but luckily it killed more of his rats than my elves! (I don’t know if it was magic or the bell. It was a 12 inch radius thing.) His monks charge my harpies, which in turn flee and he redirects into the hydras flank. Some slaves charge my other harpies and they flee. His doomwheel rolls 3 1’s to move. I do more wounds to his Hellpit and take 1 or 2 wounds this time but we both stay. I kill the grey seer on the bell and dice up 15 clan rats. My hydra is on fire and literally kills a massive amount of monks taking no damage in return. I run them down or kill them to the man I don’t recall. I finish off the catapult with the shades. My turn 3 I charge some coldone knights into a unit of clan rats with the engineer in the front. (They didn’t have a choice) I hit a unit of jizzails in the flank with 3 shades. I get the hellpit to 1 wound, kill the engineer with the cold one knights and run down the jizzails. I don’t recall what happens on his turn but the game ends here.

I end up with a win for 16 points and receive 1 (2?) of the bonus points.