Shiloh Slaughter Game 1

The Shiloh Slaughter is a 2 day Indy GT event in Arkansas. (US)

I didn't take any pictures at the event even though I charged my camera and brought it specifically for that purpose. Glad I finished painting up my army the day before the tournament. It ended up really paying off. This is all off memory so I'm just going to give summaries of my games.

My List

Dreadlord, Peggy, reverse ward, dragon helm, all mundane armor, great weapon, Stubborn crown

Lvl 4 Sorc, 4+ Ward, Iron curse Icon, Sac dagger, Metal

Hag, Bsb, CoB

40x spears, Shields, Full Command

20x Rxb's, Shields, Muso, Standard

20x Rxb's, Shields, Muso, Standard

5x Harpies

5x Harpies

6x Shades, 2xHW

6x Coldone Knights, Muso

20x Black guard, Full command, Flame banner, Whip of Agony (love the BG Whip!)

Mr. Hydra

There were 4 Dark elf players at the tournament.... I was the only one with out 2 hydras... ;) The tournament was about 50ish players. (I don't recall the exact number) All around I had an absolute blast and a great weekend with friends and fellow players. The lists should be pretty close I may forget a unit or two or be off on numbers by a couple, but should give you a pretty good idea of what I was up against.

Game 1


Vamp,Lord, ring and magic and +1 res powers
Vamp, Hero, Nightmare, H2H
Wight, Bsb
Corpse Cart
40 zombies
10 black knights
30 ghouls
30 skelly warriors
4 big bats
4 big bats
3 wraiths

The mission was a blind deployment. You started with cardboard up and could not see where your opponent deployed. After both of you deployed you removed the card board. It was also hidden list meaning you didn't know about magic items your opponent had until it came up... Against VC this terrified me! Haha! Everything else was standard pitched battle after this.

He deploys left to right his bats, flying hero, zombies, black knights, ghouls, skellies, vargoyf, bats, with his cart being behind his lines. I deploy strong left flank with fast units on the right, Harpies, Harpies, Hydra. My Coldone knights on my extreme left flank to maybe get a support charge in and threaten his flankers.

He got first turn and generally moved everything up. He tried to cast a spell from his Vamp lord and miscast rolling a 2 on the miscast table and blowing up about 22ish ghouls and ending his phase. My turn one I reposition and charge some harpies at his big bats and my Dreadlord at his black knights. I whittle down the already low ghouls with shooting. Harpies kill one or two bats and stick and the Dreadlord scrubs all his attacks and and flees and is run down. (not so unkillable) He charges his unit of black knights into my black guard... and otherwise just advances. My harpies flee but get away from his bats. My black guard destroy his black knights in a most horrific black guard fashion. My turn two. I charge the second units of harpies in the wounded bats. Shoot up the ghouls more. I kept trying to get enchanted blades on my rxb's in a building to shoot down his wraiths I think I only ever killed 1. My harpies punk his bats. His turn 3 his Zombies charge rxbs as well as the flying vamp I stand and shoot the vamp doing a wound. His bats come sit in front of my knights to prevent a flank charge next turn. His Vargoyf fails a charge. (I think he failed charged with him last turn as well.) His Vamp lord and about 10 ghouls and bsb wight charge the black guard. Wraiths charge my hydra. Wraiths kill my hydra by running him down. :( My black guard finish off the ghouls. I swung all my Rxb's attacks at the zombies to get combat res to finish off the flying vamp. He also got off a spell to make an ethereal host and placed him to redirect my spears. In the next round or two I finish off the necromancer with a suicide shade charge, I kill his bsb, his other units of bats, his zombies, and his Vamp lord dies to res and he rolled a 1 on his 2+ to stay alive and removes his Vamp Lord and Concedes.

I end up with a win 16 points and get all 4 bonus points.