Shiloh Slaughter Wrap Up

Tournament End

I ended up winning first over all. There was a person there that went 5-0 but I think my soft scores bumped me up over him. I ended the weekend with 4 wins and a draw. I’m pretty sure I ended up with best painted and the highest paint score and may have gotten 1 or 2 best game votes. I won’t know all the particulars until the results are posted. Over all I had a bunch of great games and a fun weekend.

Army Performance

Dreadlord, Dark Pegasus, Heavy Armor, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Great Weapon, Pendant of Kalieth, Dragon Helm, Crown of Command
He scared me game 1 after failing my first stubborn 10 test and being run down. I’m not a fan of running my general away from my core battle line but I can’t deny his effectiveness against death stars, war machines, light units, or other characters. He killed an organ gun, thunderer unit, cannon, 35 halberds with a bsb, held up a hell pit all game. He only died 2 out of the 5 games and both were kind of fluky deaths.

Supreme Sorceress, Level 4, Iron curse Icon, Sacrificial dagger, Talisman of Preservation
Providing power of darkness with the dagger makes for a strong magic phase even with just one wizard. Iron curse Icon only came into play 1 game out of 5, but that game I would have lost without it I’m almost certain. At only 5 points any foot slogger character should have it if they’re going to hang out with some infantry. Talisman saved me from a miscast a couple times and generally just makes her stay around a round or two longer than normal. Lore of metal is often over looked with Dark Elves. I think it complements us well it makes our 5+ AS go to a 3+ AS (or a 2+ hydra!) makes us better to hit with our RxB’s or in hand to hand can punk steam tanks, hydras and knights like nothing and can deal with death stars with final transmutation. I think she only died one game and was invaluable support all tournament

Death Hag, BSB, Cauldron of Blood
Only died once and it was kind of a fluke. (I failed 5 4+ saves.) Cauldrons make Dark Elves playable. She gave me buffs for my units where I needed them and held the center of my lines with the Battle Standard.

40x Spearmen, Shields, Full Command
They did not give away a single point in all 5 games. The spearmen provide a bunker for my wizard and remain steadfast for a long time. (They make great power dice too!)

20x Repeater Crossbowmen, Shields, Musicain, Standard
These guys killed a Vampire, Zombies, Skaven flamer thing, 10 elf archers, 5 reaver fast cav, lion chariot, and a gyrocopter and they did all of this without giving up 1 point the entire tournament! Very versatile unit.

5x Harpies

6x Coldone Knights, Musician
A lot of people have been talking trash about how the glorious cold one knights are unusable now. I disagree… Can they charge a ranked unit in the front anymore? No. However they can sit back with your lines and threaten, counter charges, pick on light units, hold off enemy fliers and scouts or something of that nature on your flank. These guys did great for me and also died more than any other unit in my army minus the hydra but they always did their job.

20x Black Guard, Full Command, Flaming Banner, Whip of agony
Pure Murder! These guys managed to kill a Vampire lord, Wight BSB, Finish off a unit of ghouls, Punk 10 black knights that got the charge, 30 skaven slaves, grey seer, 5 dragon princes, A dwarven thane in a challenge, 35 dwarven warriors, Destroy a war alter and run down the warrior priest, kill a warrior priest, run down a unit of knights…. I’m probably missing something. If your opponent has lots of shooting just keep using the 5+ ward save and casting glittering robes if you got it and screen with harpies. Did I mention they never gave up any points?

6x Shades, Additional Hand Weapons
They didn’t kill anything all weekend other than a Skaven Catapult and unit of Jizzails. I use these guys more as a diversion, baiters or harassers than anything and they do their job well. Most of my opponents deployed their warmachines and characters wisely so they didn’t do the best they possibly could have.

Mr. Hydra
Mr. Hydra Died to 3 wraiths, Died to flaming cannons, and Died to a captain with a lance on a Pegasus and also died to a pit of shades. It might sound like I’m talking down on Mr. Hydra because he gave more victory points up in my army than anyone else, but I’m not. Because I play pretty defensively he mostly just sits around 4 inches in front of the rest of the army or on a flank and draws out their nasty things as I take out all their light units with my other units. At the end of the day he’s still 175 points. Mr. Hydra is definitely worth taking. I was the only Dark Elf player at the tournament without two of these guys. I’m curios to see how the other Dark Elf players faired.

MVP = Harpies
I should probably paint up ten more.