Blog Facelift

The blog is now just about 2 years old and we now have over 1000 posts since its inception.  To celebrate I thought the blog needed a nip and tuck to be brought more inline with the newer blog structures out there.  My primary desire was to change the blogs front page to post summaries instead of the full story.  I like being able to go to a blog and seeing how many posts have happened since I last visited without having to scroll all over the place.

A secondary focus was to move away from the black background.  To me, Black is a little hard on the eyes to read from and I wanted to go to a more neutral background.   

I also wanted to create more of a focus on comments, so I made it where anyone can comment (albeit with captchas) at any time. I added the recent comments tab so the posters can see at a glance where the comments lie.

As I got to tinkering around with the templates, I remember how terrible I am with code.  I've had a few programming classes, but I manipulate code like a poorly trained gorilla with a chainsaw.  I do more damage than good.  Big D, however, manipulates code like a mongoose with a butcher knife. He does about as much damage as he does good. So he trumped me on skills and sat to making the changes.  A few days, a few failed experiments (all in the name of science) between us, and a few successes later,  we now have the blog laid out pretty much as we plan to leave it!  I think Big D did a great job!

Finally the other big change was adding some new authors.  Big D and I like to blog but just can't produce enough material to keep the blog moving forward. So It is with great joy that I announce that Bdix, Sweet E, Big Al, Dannato, Capnwoodrow and Monkey have all agreed to do a weekly post.  This will also open up the blog for more infrequent posts from our other guest contributors.

Other than that we hope the blog will continue to grow.  We went through a bit of a dry spell the last couple of months, but we were all suffering from a bit of burn out.  Hopefully  the renewed interest in 40k locally, a fresh face on the blog, and some new authors will create a fresh vigor both locally and here on the blog.

If you see anything you think we should add to the blog or change please just let us know.  We appreciate all our readers and those who have always taken the time to leave a comment.  Comments are always a nice thank you when you put in time on posting things up to the blog!