Cheating Fate

I play 40k and WFB because they are fun. Pure and simple. We line up army men and throw them forward in a blaze of magical comets and lascannons.

I play Malifaux because I love it. It's a fantastic game with some (hopefully) soon corrected shortfalls. The card mechanic sets it apart from most other wargames on the market. The ability to cheat fate helps offset my terrible luck and the fantastic model range is really a joy to work with.

The last set of models I finished up are for my Arcanist crew. The Arcanists represent the, well, arcane gifted of Malifaux. The crew I chose from the book is Rasputina. Her backstory really grabbed me as she was chosen as a vessel of December, one of the Tyrant spirits that lurks in the shadows....

The paint scheme was simple. I knew I wanted blue to be the dominate color to represent the chilled look. (Apologies for the picture quality, I don't have a fancy set-up..yet...)

For the Gamin and the Ice Golem I started with a white undercoat, basecoated with Codex Grey, drybrushed with Bleached Bone, and then gave a heavy wash of Asurmen Blue. The eyes are just dotted with Bad Moon Yellow.

With Rasputina herself I took a similar approach (I am a lazy painter) and primed her white, washed the entire model with Badab Black, and then used a heavy drybrush to bring the majority of the model up to white with the dark shadowing still in place. From there I inked the color on and hit a few spots for highlights. Again, it's a quick and simple look that won't win paint competitions but it will let you put a crew on the table in no time.

For the bases I decided to try my hand at snow basing. I used a tradition slurry of 75% PVA glue and 25% baking soda and then used an old brush to 'paint' it on the model and a few sculpting tools to set it in place.
The “rocks” are actually wooden bark chips that you can find in any parking lot island in the United States that I primed black and worked up lighter and lighter greys with drybrushing.