Friday Kegger of Knowledge at TauTauTau

So this week was pretty slow as far as painting goes. My forge world stuff isnt in yet, so all I really have to work on are my kroot and bases. I managed to finish painting 10 bases and pin some kroot that I had previously painted for the army. I also started painted 5 of the bigger bases. To do this, I had to begin my venture into the world of wet blending. It has pretty much shaken my world as far as painting goes. Everything I paint seems to look so much better now. Even as I say this, I know that two months down the road I will hate all of it again. Anyway, here are some pictures of the bases and kroot.

The kroot are based with Army Painter Skeleton Bone or whatever its called. I did a blend of scab red and blazing orange for the reddish color, and golden yellow on their guns. The bases were primed white, with chaos black on the rock parts. I went out and bought some Winsor and Newton blending medium and made a wet pallete out of tuberware and a sponge. I started out painting the lava with the bright citadel yellow and wet blended fiery orange into it. I wanted to create a central heat on the bases, so I left the middle yellow for the most part. I then highlighted the rocks with blood red, again wet blending into the fiery orange. The final touch was adding some scab red over the blood red. I didnt want to wet blend this because I wanted it to look sharp. I put some gloss vanish over the lava to give it a wet look.

Unit of the Week: Kroot Carnivores

I personally always use minimum two units of these. I feel if you are going to be successful as Tau, you need to have atleast one unit of them in your army. For one, taking enough firewarriors to adequately fill your troop spots is too costly, and I believe it isnt as effective. With their FAQ, Kroot get a 3+ cover save in ANY cover. This is ridiculas. The only downside is their lack of armor save. The key to their success is keeping them away from templates, and keeping them spread out in cover. They are objective holders primarily. However, their secondary function is almost as important- road blocks for your opponent. They are one of the best ways to keep an opponent off you. Say you have a unit of 3 broadsides hidden around cover. You have your kroot
within distance to make a blockade if anything gets close to you. Another point to make is one that I also made last week: They can block deepstrikers. They truly excel here; anywhere you dont want an opponent to jump in, just block them out. Anyway, that's all for now...I probally wrote too much again :( .

Also here a man accidently kicking a baby with street fighter dub over...enjoy