What's all this Fantasy stuff about?

Truth be known, I have been a dedicated 40K man for the last decade or so. Hadn't given fantasy so much as the time of day. Thought it to be too rigid and cumbersome. Recently the guys had been talking about getting into fantasy, though. I must say, after the 40k marathon called WarGamesCon (and my disappointing finish), I am a little burned out on 40K. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun and I would have a go if someone wanted to. But, I think it time to shift gears and give ye olde Fantasy a try.

After some internet research and strategy talk with Jester, Monkey and Big D, I went with Dwarfs. Maybe not the most popular, but solid none-the-less. I was attracted to the different style of play Dwarfs have: no magic phase, ability to use runes, tough-as-nails troops, no fast cav *sigh*, quality artillery, and lots of pissy attitudes toward everyone else.

Here is the first batch of models (Thunderers) I painted up. I want to go with a color scheme around gold and red and I think they compliment well. Nothing fancy, just used washes and drybrush highlights to get the shading I needed.