Eldar Seer Council Conversion Idea

I don't play Eldar myself, but I always hear people complaining about the lack of model for a Warlock or Farsser on a Jet Bike. I was browsing around today and something jumped out at me that I thought would fill this need nicely -

This is a picture of the best painted army at the Nova Open that Bald and Screaming posted. When I first saw it I couldn't figure out what the Warlocks were riding on. After looking at it for a while I figured it out - it is the heavy weapon platform.

This ends up being a bit expensive, the platforms are $25, which is $10 more than what a Jet Bike would cost but from what I have heard the cost is worth it. Filing down a metal mini in robes to fit on a pair of jetbike legs just doesn't sound fun at all - and this conversion looks sharp.