Warhammer Fantasy 8th Chagnes

The changes to Warhammer Fantasy are already starting to come in. A few local people have seen the book and have commented about it over in our forums.

The biggest change that I have seen so far that wasn't really mentioned is that you are free to measure before moving or shooting. This is a pretty big change to the game. You also don't have to guess range any more - the big guns are now like 40k, pick a spot in range, and roll the scatter dice.

I feel these changes will go a long way to bring new players into the hobby. There was almost this separation of players where you had the ones who could guess range and distance on one side, and the ones who couldn't on the other. This didn't add to the strategy of the game, it just penalized you for being myopic.

I am sure the changes will continue to flood in now that the book is in the wild. I can't wait to see what else has changed.