Nurgle Sanguinary Guard - Painted

Here are my finished Nurgle Sanguinary Guard Raptors.

These guys were fun to paint. I started out with black primer and then base coated them with Dheneb Stone using an airbrush. I then picked out the trim with Catachan Green, dry brushed the weapons with Dwarf Bronze, and then weathered the tar out of em with MIG powders and Rust Effects.

I really like the way the Sanguinary Guard models turned out. Just by looking at them you don't even realize they are Blood Angels models since I cut off all the Blood Drops.

I haven't got to sue these models yet in a game of Warhammer 40k but I think they will be fairly effective. I am going to use them as a throw-away squad to hopefully pop a tank and summon some lesser daemons.