Warhammer Fantasy 8th Ed - Available for Pre-Order

Well today is the big day - sort of. Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition is up for pre-order over at Games Workshop.

Aside from this massive 528 page tome we also have a few surprises up for order as well -

Citizens of the Empire - Duelists

Citizens of the Empire - Regimental Mascot

Citizens of the Empire - Merchant and Scribe

How cool are those models? I really dig the scribe and the Regimental Mascot. Too cool.

Also available are the special measuring stick, counters, templates, and dice. I'm not sold on any of these yet. They have a picture up of someone using the new template and it just looks messy to me - especially the small template in the middle - just looks like it will lead to a lot of confusion and arguments. 

With less than a month away, and now that there are rule books in the wild (some retailers have received a store copy) I expect the news to start flooding in on this release of Warhammer Fantasy.