Rusted Building - Extreme Weathering

Here is the fruit of my labor from two boxes of Warhammer 40k terrain -

Man this was a fun project. In my last post I talked about building this piece of terrain and how I wanted it to work on the table. Having completed that I set to painting it. I started out by priming it black and then dry-brushed the whole piece with Boltgun Metal using a large brush.

I wasn't really happy with how it looked. My original plan was to leave it with a Boltgun base and then pick out some details. Since I wasn't happy with the base I didn't figure that picking out a few details would really fix it. I let the piece sit for a few days and then it hit me - I was having so much fun weathering my Nurgle Chaos Space Marines that I decided to apply the same technique to this piece of terrain.

I started out by applying a bit of Vallejo Orange Brown to a few places. I then got out the MIG Rust Effects and applied several alternating layers of Light Rust and Standard Rust. I then used some of the Powders ina few places and then went back over that with the Rust Effects again.

I'm not rally sure how long it took me to apply the rust to the building - I was having so much fun doing it I lost track of time (I know that sounds corny but it really was fun.) There is just something liberating about not having to be nice and neat at all when painting something.