New 40k Terrain from Games Workshop?

In todays 'Whats New Today' article at Games Workshop we have the following picture -

These pylon-like pieces appear to be something new but I am not too certain. This oculd be a case of them sneaking in some new terrain - like they did with the Planet Strike terrain and the Space Marine Statue - but it might just be a kit bash.

The skull pieces look like they could be from the Temple of Skulls. Not real sure what the orb piece would be. What makes me think this might be more than a kitbash is the fact that there are five of them, they all look identical, and I can't figure out what the bits on the side are. The base of the tower looks like a specific bit, but I am not sure what it is. The piece on the top looks like a gun from the Aegis Defense Line or the Bastion kit. But, I am not sure what the piece that it is sitting on is.

Anyone have any ideas on this? Can anyone identify all the pieces on this thing or do you think it is a new kit that might come out at some point (second wave Daemons maybe?)