Review - Micro Art Studios

In my post about my Grey Knights I showed you that I was using some bases from Micro Art Studio. This is a company out of Poland that does some really neat work. Their largest product range is their custom resin bases, but they also do a few conversion packs and even a few complete miniatures.

For my Grey Knights I decided to use Micro Art Studio's Temple Bases. My thinking is that these will fit in well with the theme and help make the models pop. Since Grey Knights are usually a small elite force I figured I would use some really neat bases even if they did end up being a bit expensive.

For this first order I only ordered a small amount of these bases - 10 (enough for two boxes of Grey Knights.) The total cost of these bases came out to $25 US. What got me was the shipping - it ended up being as much as the bases themselves. Now that I have seen the quality of these baess and am happy with how they look with the models I am planning on placing a larger order to offset the shipping.

EDIT: I learn something new everyday. Rushputin let me know that I can order these stateside from The War Store a LOT cheaper than what I paid for them -
You don't have to order them from Europe, though! The War Store carries them!
Micro Art currently has three different sizes of the Temple Bases that work with Warhammer 40k - 25mm, 40mm, and 60mm bases. There are 12 different 25mm, 6 different 40mm, and two different 60mm bases - this gives a good variety.

My favorite bases out of the line are the 40mm and the first 60mm above. To me these just ooze character. I love the way they included a few wires and odd bits of tech in there - really ties it to the whole 40k atmosphere.

The quality on these bases is amazing. I have ordered resin bases from a few other companies and these have had the best quality so far. There were no miscasts or bubbles as well as no flash or mold lines - even on the lip of the base. The detail on these is just stunning.

I have been very happy with my purchase and plan on placing another order soon. If you are looking for some special bases for your army and don't mind ordering internationally these bases are top notch.