Spearhead Models Now Available For Pre-Order

The new miniatures that are going to be released with Spearhead are now up for preorder at Games Workshop.

First up we have one monster of a kit that people have been waiting for - the Imperial Guard Manticore / Deathstrike Missile Launcher. These kits follow more closely to the old Epic models than what Forge World offers. This kit retails for $49.50 so it is quite a bit cheaper than the Forge World alternative (though I think the FW model is sexier.)

It doesn't look like it will be very easy to set this model up to where you can get double duty out of it. It looks like you attach the Manticore rockets to the Deathstrike missile and the launch platform looks just a bit different for each. We will just have to wait and see on this one. Maybe a few magnets will do the trick.

Next up is the new combined Leman Russ kit. This kit has all the remaining variants that the Demolisher Kit didn't include.

There are also a few Eldar models being released. We have seen some pics of the Nightspinner / Fire Prism kit but here are some niver shots of those -

One kind of surprise that wasn't 100% is the Eldar Support Weapon Platform. This kit looks like it can make several different kinds of weapons so that is a bonus for any Eldar players.

Last up is a model for Knight Commander Pask and a re-release of the Apocalypse Squadron Command Frame -

I missed out on the command frame when it was first released so this will be a good shot to pick one up if it is priced right.