Huge Pegasus Models Review

WarGameGuru has a very nice review of some Pagasus Models terrain kits.

I have been considering buying some of these kits for a while now and this review has pushed me over the edge. Here are a few excerpts from the article -

First up is the Museum Models Collection. This collection includes a variety of Gothic buildings, trees, rivers, even a few pre-painted and ready to go accessory pieces. The true break-out pieces of this collection are the Gothic building kits. There's no way around it, the only other kits out there to compare these building kits to are GW's Gothic city terrain kits. Visually I'd have to say that these are as good, or better than GW's kits, and in most cases are quite a bit less cost-wise too. The kits we looked at are Gothic City Building Small Set #1 and Small Set #2 which they sent along, and I already owned the Gothic City Ruins #1.
These are also rather large models for being the Small kits, so it wouldn't take many of these to put together a nice looking city block in no time. I can only begin to fathom how big the Large kit is after having seen these Small ones first-hand. The Ruins detailed in the photos, is the smallest of the bunch too. The other Small sets are so large that I couldn't find an optimal spot to photograph them to do them justice, which is why I opted to use the stock studio photos for them.
This last kit I'm covering has been around for a while now, but I still think that a few of these sets look so right for wargaming in general, that they deserve a little more attention. The Chemical Plant Construction Set is truly more of a model than anything, because this set is made up of a whopping 300+ pieces. This is one of the Platformer System series sets that they offer. It gets a little confusing too, because they have the Platformer, Hexagon and SyberClix series of products, all of which look to totally compliment each other. Why they had to name them all so different is puzzling. Even the Hexagon set, doesn't look to be made up totally of hexagons, but there are a few hexagons in those sets.

I actually have a set of the Chemical Plant and I was very happy with it. I do agree that it is more of a model kit than what you would think of as a terrain kit - there are just GOBS of little pieces in there. I would say that it would be better for dressing up your terrain than building entire terrain pieces out of it.

You can pick up most of the Pagasus line over at The War Store and a few other places around the net.