Second Wave of Daemons - Pictures At Last!

Sweet Sassy Molassey! We finally have some pictures of the new Daemons!

First up is the Changeling. We first had hints that this model was going to be coming out several months back when its SKU was put in the ordering system. Since then it has been really quit on this guy - glad it is finally seeing the light of day. This will make a wonderful Changeling model, but can also serve double duty as a Herald of Tzeentch.

I am just blown away by these models. My Daemons have been sitting in storage for the last few months but I think this is going to be just the ticket to get me to break them out again. The Pink Horrors look quite nice, as do the Seekers.

There was a lot of hate on the net about the Daemon Prince but seeing him decked out in his Warhammer 40k gear he looks a TON better.

I'm not entirely sold on the Fateweaver model. I am pretty sure it is going to be metal, and the old Greater Daemon of Tzeentch was already a really slick model.

And then we have the Blood Crusher. This model just looks SICK. I am really hoping that this is a plastic model and not another metal one - the metal Blood Crusher models are just a BEAST to put together so hopefully we are getting some plastic love.