Mark Of The Wulfen - Werewolf Heads Available From

For those of you who don't want to use the wolf helmet from the Space Wolves sprue to represent your Mark of the Wulfen models has a conversion bit that is right up your alley - Werewolf Heads.

These bits were announced about a month back and I have been checking their site every day waiting for them to go on order. Well, it looks like today is the day and I just ordered two sprues of these guys.

I was wanting something special for my Mark of the Wulfen models and I just couldn't see forking out tons of dollars for the old 13th company models. These heads will run you about 6 Euros per sprue, with six heads per sprue. I ordered two sets and with shipping the order came out to about $18 US - not too bad.

 I'm really excited about these bits. I will do a full review when these bits get in and should have a few models painted up not long after that.